Why Creators Are Leaving Instagram for Cara

Cara - Artist Social & Portfolio Platform

In the constantly changing online world, a new social media platform called Cara is becoming popular among artists. Its rise in popularity coincides with increasing worries from creators about how Instagram, owned by Meta, uses user-generated content. Meta's acknowledgment of using user content to train their AI models is the tipping point for many artists. This has raised concerns that artists' work could be reproduced using AI, potentially reducing the value of original creations.


What is Cara for Creators


Cara is a new social media platform specifically designed for artists. Launched in early 2023, it allows artists to share their work, connect with other creators, and even find job opportunities from established studios. Cara prioritizes the needs of human artists and takes steps to protect their work from AI appropriation.


AI Protection Tag

Cara offers solutions to these anxieties by employing several methods to protect artists' content from AI. One key feature is the "NoAI" tag, which artists can add to their work to signal Cara's algorithms that it should not be used for AI training. Additionally, Cara utilizes other unspecified techniques to further thwart AI models from gleaning valuable data from artists' uploads.


An Alternative to Instagram

Once a haven for creative expression, Instagram has evolved into a platform heavily focused on advertising and influencer marketing. While it still boasts a massive user base, many artists feel their work gets lost in the noise, overshadowed by sponsored content and algorithmic manipulation.

Cara's focus on artist protection is a major draw. It's crucial to recognize that the platform is still developing. Currently, Cara is in beta testing and is grappling with challenges like server overload due to the influx of new users. However, building trust and attracting a critical mass of users are key milestones for Cara's long-term success. As it continues to evolve, Cara could become a game-changer for artists seeking a platform that respects their work.


Surge in Cara Users

Cara's user base is reportedly surging, tripling from less than 100,000 to more than 300,000 in just a few days. This rapid growth highlights many artists' dissatisfaction with Instagram's current practices. However, according to various sources, Instagram still has a massive user base with over 2 billion monthly active users. This means roughly one-fourth of the world's active internet users engage with the social media platform monthly. Despite this impressive number, its massive user base can overshadow individual artists' work and contribute to feelings of frustration.

Cara's emergence signifies a growing discontent among creators with how established platforms promote their work. As artists seek more control over their content and protection from AI appropriation, Cara's innovative approach could create a new model that allows artists to thrive on social media while protecting their intellectual property.

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