X Social Media Tests $1 Annual Subscription To Combat Spam Bots


Social media giant X is testing a new subscription model that charges users $1 per year for basic features, such as liking, reposting, quoting other accounts' posts, and bookmarking posts on the platform's web version. The new subscription, "Not A Bot," is designed to combat spam bots and is being tested in New Zealand and the Philippines.

Spam bots are a growing problem on social media platforms, and X has been facing increasing pressure to address the issue. In July, the company introduced a limit on viewing tweets to "ensure the authenticity" of its user base. X has also been developing new ways to identify and remove bots from the platform.

The $1 annual subscription for basic features is a relatively low price, and it will likely appeal to many users who want a spam-free feed. However, it is still being determined how effective the subscription will be in combating bots. Some experts have argued that preventing bots from creating new accounts and subscribing to the service will be challenging.

It is also worth noting that the Not A Bot subscription is only available for basic features. Users who want to access more advanced features, such as analytics and ad-free browsing, will still need to subscribe to X's premium subscription service, which costs $4.99 monthly.

Overall, the Not A Bot subscription is an exciting experiment that could help X address the issue of spam bots on its platform. However, it remains to be seen how effective it will be in the long term.

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