Why You Should Get to Know Brain Engine Optimization (BEO)

Is Beo the New Seo? Image Credit: Firmbee/Unsplash

You're not alone if you're unfamiliar with the term “Brain Engine Optimization” (BEO). The fact is, most SEO professionals haven't heard of it either. It's relatively new. But as you'll learn, it's an important term that may hold the key to unlocking more buyers to your online website or offline location.

What is SEO?

You've probably heard the term a hundred times but may need clarification on what it is. In its most basic form, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a scientific methodology for improving the visibility of a website, so when people search for specific products or services, it returns the most relevant websites. SEO aims to optimize your web pages for certain keywords to place higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) when users search for your products or services.


What is BEO?

BEO, or Brain Engine Optimization, is a brand-new field of search engine optimization. Whether you're looking at B2B or B2C brands, the focus is on buyer intent.

Understanding Search Intent
Image Credit: Scott Graham/Unsplash

Here's why: when a person makes a purchase, they use their thought processes and memory to recall why one brand is superior to another. We are the ultimate decision-makers, not a list of stored keywords woven into an article on website content. It's that simple. We're all humans, after all, not machines. So, an emotional response usually triggers choosing a brand, product, or service. In other words, how our buying decision will make us “feel.”

BEO is the result of research by Professor Jenni Romaniuk that identifies keywords based on a user's intent. For example, does the user intend to buy a product, or are they simply researching? It's an important distinction, as we remember cognitive keywords just before making a purchase.

Professor Romaniuk calls these cognitive keywords external cues based on Category Entry Points (CEPs). These cues are directly linked to an increase in sales volume. So, the key to BEO is ensuring your brand is on top of mind – otherwise, a buyer may purchase your product or service from a more recognizable competing brand. It also levels the playing field for small businesses or new brands. The key to dominating with BEO is repetition. Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, connected television (CTV), and other digital marketing strategies will help ensure your brand stays fresh, relevant, and on top of mind.


So, Is BEO the new SEO?

Think of BEO as an attribute of SEO. While the keywords are different and come from other sources, BEO's Category Entry Points are similar. CEPs help people remember a brand, as well as its positive attributes. And those come into play at the time a buyer is making a decision.

Here's why: the Category Entry Points trigger the brand's memory. Memory is the first step in the buying process when making a purchase. If a person finds the memory-generated cues insufficient, the buyer will search other places, like Google, Facebook, or colleagues. Regardless, buyers have a built-in bias for brands or companies they already know and trust.

BEO is important to get to know because, as the saying goes, "in the mind, win the market."  However, always remember that SEO is crucial. It is still the key to better rankings for your website. And regardless of whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, the ultimate goal of digital marketing is to win the hearts and minds of customers, increasing traffic, conversions, and profitability.

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