Wal-Mart Opens Its Advertising Doors to Small Business

Walmart online shopping

Retail giant Walmart is expanding its reach beyond just selling products. Through its rebranded media group, Walmart Connect, they're now offering a platform for businesses of all sizes to advertise and connect with Walmart's massive customer base.

This is a significant move, as it opens the door for what are known as "no-endemic" marketers – businesses that don't traditionally sell their products on Walmart shelves, like car manufacturers or financial institutions – to tap into the power of Walmart's audience. With over 150 million weekly customers, that's a significant opportunity.

What is Walmart Connect?

Walmart Connect is a one-stop shop for advertisers looking to reach Walmart shoppers. The platform offers a variety of advertising solutions across multiple channels, including:

  • Online advertising: Reach potential customers on Walmart's website and app, as well as other high-traffic websites frequented by Walmart shoppers.
  • In-store advertising: Get your brand noticed in physical Walmart locations through signage, displays, and product placement.
  • Sponsored media: Partner with Walmart to create sponsored content that highlights your brand and resonates with Walmart's audience.

Advertising for Small Businesses

Small businesses gain access to a multi-channel advertising platform encompassing online placements, in-store promotions, and sponsored content across the web. This holistic approach allows businesses to target potential customers at various touchpoints throughout their shopping journey, increasing the likelihood of conversions.  "With this new name and vision, we wanted to emphasize our commitment to connecting brands and our more than 150 million weekly customers at scale using innovative ad solutions," says Walmart Connect in a press release.

Walmart Connect's launch presents a significant opportunity for businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of Walmart's vast customer reach. By offering various advertising solutions across multiple channels, Walmart Connect is making it easier for businesses to connect with potential customers and grow their brands.


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