Smart Speakers: Why Your Business Needs to Optimize for Voice Search

Young man using a smart speaker for voice search

Smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, are increasingly popular. As of 2023, over 50% of US households own a smart speaker. So, a significant portion of your target audience is likely already using voice search to find information online. That means unless your website is optimized for voice search, your customers will not be able to find you when using their smart speaker.

Why is voice search optimization important?

Voice search is more convenient and natural than traditional text-based search. It is ideal for those using hands-free devices like smartphones and smart speakers to find local businesses, get directions, or play music. That’s why IntelliReach Social includes optimizing for voice search in its local SEO services.

How does voice search work?

Smart speakers use a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand user requests. NLP breaks down the user's request into individual words and phrases. Machine learning then identifies the intent of the user's request and returns the most relevant results to the device. A computerized, human-like voice reads the response to the user in their preferred language.

Alexa Echo smart speaker

How to optimize for voice search

There are a few key things you can do to optimize your website content for voice search and smart speakers:

  • Target question keywords and other long-tail keywords. Voice search queries tend to be longer and more conversational than text-based searches. For example, instead of typing "best restaurants in New York City," a user might ask Alexa, "What are the best restaurants in New York City for sushi?" When creating content, focus your keyword research on targeting questions and other long-tail keywords relevant to your business.
  • Use conversational language in your content. When writing your content, remember that it will be read aloud by a voice assistant. Use natural language and avoid using too much jargon or technical terms.
  • Prioritize local SEO. Many voice search queries are local, such as "Where is the nearest coffee shop?" or "What are the hours of operation for the local library?" Ensure your Google Business Profile is complete and up-to-date, and optimize your content for local keywords.
  • Try to capture Google-featured snippets. Google featured snippets are boxes that appear at the top of the search results page and provide a concise answer to the user's query. To increase your chances of appearing in a featured snippet, answer common questions clearly and concisely, and use relevant keywords in your headers and body content.
  • Use schema markup. Schema markup is a type of code that you can add to your website to help search engines understand your content better. There are specific schema markup types for businesses, products, events, and other types of content. By using schema markup, you can increase your chances of appearing in voice search results.
  • Optimize for mobile. Most voice search queries are conducted on mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly.

By optimizing your website content for voice search and smart speakers, you can reach a wider audience, boost brand awareness, make it easier for consumers to find your local business, and increase sales.

How to Get Your Business Found in Voice Search Results

Whether you own a business or work as a marketing executive, it is essential to optimize your website content for smart speakers. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular, and businesses that have optimized their content for it will have a competitive advantage. IntelliReach Social, an SEO agency in Coral Springs, specializes in local SEO services, including voice search optimization. To schedule an appointment with a digital marketing specialist, please visit us online or call 1-800-725-7950.

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